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Charity match between Li Na and Djokovic organized by CEE
Release Time:2013/9/28 10:45:35  Views:1900  Classifications:Company News

On September 27th 2013 Chinese star Li Na and world No.1 Novak Djokovic went head-to-head in a stunning charity match on Diamond Court, starting the China open. CEE participated in the “Battle of the sexes” as the organizer and sponsor of this match.
With the intent of charity, the match took the ordinary best of three sets but was full of charity segments. In the first set the two top players were joined by Chinese junior players. The second set was joined by actors and singers. The special points with donation were made right on the court. In the final set the two stars played face to face. Each ACE was promised a $6,178 donation by the sponsor. In order to making more donation amount, Li Na decided to quit the special rules on Djokovic in favor of the female player. As a result, the two players served 7 aces all together and made over $40,000 donation.

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