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Business Introduction

Main Business and Investments
The main business and investments of the company are mainly distributed into the following 4 sections:
1. Exploration and development of renewable resources and energy projects: includes traditional petrol, gas, coal, non-traditional shale oil and shale gas, etc.
2. Production and transportation of electricity: fuel coal, natural gas and other traditional thermal power generation projects, and hydroelectric generation, wind power, solar power, biomass energy, renewable waste and other renewable energy resources.
3. Trade and engineering services: general contracting agency for trade in oil, gas, coal, electricity and equipment related projects.
4. Clean production and new energy technology: clean production in power plant, sewage zero emission technology, thin-film solar cells, electricity storage technology and so on.

The investment business areas of company are mainly distributed in Northern America (America, Canada), Russia, Southern Europe (Italy, Serbia, etc), Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia) and mainland China.

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